Product Features

  • The new Samsung Galaxy Avant doesn’t just simplify all the things you love to do on your mobile – it amplifies them.
  • Don’t miss a beat with the blazing-fast 4G LTE connection. Downloads. Uploads. Video streaming. Web surfing. Watch your media flowing seamlessly?all at speeds you?ll love.
  • Use Easy Mode to simplify your home screen with bigger icons and only your favorite apps.
  • The 4.5″ qHD display provides a gorgeous new perspective. Its impressive pixel density makes the colors in pictures, texts, movies and more burst to life.

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Awesome phone for the price I love this phone! Coming from the Exhibit 4G it’s a huge upgrade. If you want a cheap functional smartphone, this is the one!SPECSThe specs are basically what you might get for a 2012 phone. Not great but completely functional. It’s not necessary to have a phone with higher processing power than a desktop. I believe RAM is more important (coming from a phone with basically no RAM at all). I’d love it if this phone had 2M but 1.5 isn’t bad. So far its run perfectly fine with all my apps that I want to have including the RAM hungry Facebook app. Resolution also isn’t great but I personally can’t tell the difference. Comparing it side by side with the Note 2, resolution to me looked exactly the same. Spec wise I know its not but you could have fooled me.BLOATThere is a ton of Samsung bloatware but that is almost impossible to avoid these days. All the bloatware just screams ‘root me’ (problem solved).CAMERAIt works. Mostly…

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