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Abco Tech Cellular phone Stand
It's time to see your Phone text, Buddies and Family status updates etc. without being interrupted by
getting your phone and re-position each time you get that buzz or ding! Abco Tech Cellular phone stand or
cellular phone Clamp is a definite need to have for your comfort and convenience. Use it in your bed, couch, while
relaxing. Or in the workplace while you work, sitting, laying, or standing in any position and occasion. use it
around your neck repair it to your rod, hook, desk foot and so on … this product will be so useful. You do not need
to be sidetracked by checking your phone however you still have to be updated, so let me assist you with that.
This utmost versatile phone stand by Abco Tech makes your method of photo-taking easier than ever. You can hold it
as a self-shooting tool or wear it on your neck, it's all as much as you on how to use it. Excellent to make use of for selfie shooting!

– Phone clamp opens to 3.34 inches large
– Bottom clip opens to 1.96 inches large
– Flexible neck is around 37 inches long and 5/8inches wide
– Made from ABS plastic

– 360 degree rotation
– Lightweight and durable
– Can be stored compactly
– Can be utilized for selfie shooting, video viewing, messaging and so on.
– Can be utilized around neck
– Can be fixed to any furniture piece or desk or rod
– Can be clipped on to bed or anywhere
– Bottom clip can be eliminated and used without

When you order from Abco Direct you will get a complimentary lifetime guarantee and excellent client service!
Consumer satisfaction is our goal! So you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to acquire!!
Click add to cart and get yours in the mail quickly!

Customer Reviews

Utilizing it for something different but it works!

4 people found this helpful.
 on October 21, 2015
By Antiquelover
I bought this because I really missed my iMagnet phone mount since I had recently converted to an android from an iphone (yes! I did). I initially used the iMagnet with my android but was experiencing blackouts with the androids, plus I also changed cars and the iMagnet mount no longer stayed sticky in the car and kept falling over in our California heat. I am five foot tall, so I’m short with short arms, so a mount on the dashboard is a little too far away for me, and the negative reviews for phone mounts that attach to the vents veered me away from that option. I was at a loss of what to do. I often am on the road for work so I needed something. I wanted to find another phone holder that I could put right next to the odometer in front of the steering wheel. After several months of researching, I came across this product. The flexibility and lemgth of this stand were key features for me. The day I received it I tried different ways in my car but I ended up wrapping it around the end of the steer wheel so that I can have my phone right behind the steering wheel just like I wanted. I can still see my odometer; the only thing it blocks is the car temperature which is not a big deal. I can see who is calling then am able to use my Bluetooth for hands free driving and is so convenient for utilizing maps for driving directions. Worth the price! Thank you!

Good but wish it was stronger

4 people found this helpful.
 on July 2, 2015
By dngray
This just came in today. I was hoping to be able to watch videos on my Galaxy S6 while laying in bed hands free but found that the rubber materiel is a bit too flimsy to support my phone. The only way I was able to get it to work is by hanging the gooseneck over head and clamping it to something above me. I then had to coil the rubber in a way that would maximize its support while holding my phone. After I found the perfect configuration of bends in the coil, it now holds my phone with out with out drooping and sagging. I was worried for a bit though. My Galaxy S6 isn’t even that heavy of a phone.


2 people found this helpful.
 on October 28, 2015
By Eaglover
This Abco Tech stand is A-A-AMazing!! It holds my iPhone 6 Plus with Otterbox case so that should tell you how strong it is. I was highly skeptical at 1st to test it in the clamp, but it didn’t waiver. It is super flexible and can be manipulated in a multitude of ways. Even from the floor to the bed or floor to my couch.

Great aid for geocachers!

2 people found this helpful.
 on March 21, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I bought this item to use with geocaching. I was able to form the stand to go behind my neck and wrap over my shoulders to hold my cell phone/compass in view while I use 2 hands on hiking poles when needed. The material is strong and stays in the shape I’ve configured. This saves me from having to pull the phone in and out of my pocket and wait while it recalibrates my location.. My daughter and I were afraid we were going to have to invent something to perform this task for us, but happily someone already took care of it! Thanks, it was well worth the reasonable price!

I got what I expected and it works well enough.

 on August 26, 2017
By Darrin Brunner
It works fine, I don’t use it much but when I have it’s done the job. The clip is wide and clamps securely to the thick edge of my desk. Of course, it’s bendy so if you knock it, it bounces around a bit.

NOT for big phones!

One person found this helpful.
 on September 23, 2015
By Michelle H
I think this is a cool idea but if you have a larger phone it may not be for you. I have an iPhone 6 plus and it is too heavy for this thing. It will hold it but it just can’t do it like it shows in the photos. I gave it to someone with a small iphone 4s and it works great with that small phone. I’m sure this could be used for a bunch of other things but if you have a 5 large phone skip this. Sample provided in exchange for an honest review.

Written by cell

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